Alcohol is a depressant which can be detected in blood, breath and saliva, Q.E.D.™
Drugs of Abuse
Illicit and prescription drugs can be detected in blood, oral fluid, Intercept, and urine, AccuTest.

Cotinine is a nicotine (stimulant) metabolite which can be detected in oral fluid, OraSureand urine, AccuTest.
  Drugs in Sport
Testing for hormones, anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs is performed by ASDA



Substance abuse in the workplace and the law

Let us assist you in meeting your various legal obligations in the workplace, by introdu-cing a fair and equitable D&A program - based on four components:

  • Policy
  • Awareness
  • Testing
  • Assistance

The program is the result of a joint effort between Deloitte Legal, policy making, and Drug Testing Africa, testing equipment and services.


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